Library Workshops

Following Library Workshops will be held from October to December 2014.

Schedule and programs: Please refer to the website on Library Workshops in detail.

■Library Orientation for International Students
Oct.1(Wed) in English 12:15-13:15/ Oct.7(Tue) in English 15:15-16:15/ Oct.9(Thu) in English 15:15-16:15
Oct.6(Mon) in Japanese 15:15-16:15/ Oct.10(Fri) in Japanese 12:15-13:15
Place: Central Library2F

ProQuest Central Workshop in English
Date:Oct 21(Tue) 16:45-17:45
Place:Communication room in Central Library 2F

Library Workshops in Japanese

○Order-made Workshop is also available.
Tsukuba area:Application form for the order-made workshop | Tokyo area:Application form for the order-made workshop

Friday, December 5, 2014