To Visitors: (Resumption of General Public Access and Issuance of Library Cards)

From Tuesday, February 21st, visitors without a library card are allowed to enter the library.

●Those who hold a library card with an expiration date after the suspension of use on March 5th, 2020:
 Your borrowing period has been extended for 3 years from the date indicated on your library card.

Please refer to the following page for details on the service to be resumed.

【Request to all】

  • Please take your temperature and record your physical condition every day prior to your scheduled visit, and make sure that you do not have any physical condition that could be suspected of being infected.
  • Please wear a mask in the library.
  • Wash your hands with soap or disinfect your hands before entering and after leaving the library.
  • If you feel unwell after entering the library, please inform the staff and leave the library immediately.

【In case of refusal to enter】

  • If you have a fever or other health problems on the day of your visit.
  • When the PCR test or other tests are positive and you are diagnosed as being infected with the new coronavirus.
  • If you do not cooperate with our measures against new coronavirus infection, such as not wearing a mask.

(For reference) The University of Tsukuba is responding to infectious diseases according to the "Summary of Responses to Novel Coronavirus Infections" ( We ask for your cooperation in this effort.