Notice for Users expiring on 3/31(Graduating Students / Repeating Students / etc. )


For undergraduate and graduate students in their final year whose student status will remain the same in the following year due to repeating another year or for other reasons, library service can be available upon request.
Please ask at the main counter of each library after doing procedure for an extension of expiration date at your Academic Service Office in March.

Application time
 Libraries in Tsukuba Campus: weekday 9:00-17:00
 Otsuka Library(Tokyo Campus): Please see the library calendar

Graduating Students in this March  / Non-degree students(*) with library card expiring on March 31 / Undergraduate students going on to graduate school of this university

 (*) credited auditors, non-degree research students, exchange students, exchange research students, intensive Japanese language course students, etc.

Please return all books by March 31. If you lost the book you borrowed, please contact the library as soon as possible.

The contents of "My Library"(Loan history, bookmarks, etc.) will be lost. Therefore, please save and export your data before March 31.
If you go on to graduate school, your ID will be changed and you will no longer be able to use the information you registered as a undergraduate student from April. Also you will not be able to borrow reserved books.

For "RefWorks", you need to follow procedures.

Using the library after graduating

For those who want to continue using the library after graduating, a library card for graduates can be issued. (Please apply after March. The actual issue will be after graduation.)
Please refer to the following webpage for details.
"Library Card for Visitors For Alumni"