For visitors

Starting Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the library will reopen to visitors (former faculty-staff, and alumni) who have a library user card.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are continuing to reduce the number of seats and restrict the use of some spaces, resulting in a shortage of carrel.

Therefore, we ask that you use the materials held by the University for the purpose of borrowing books, research, or copying documents, and use in the shortest possible time.

Please be aware that when the situation of infectious diseases worsens, the state of emergency is extended, or university activities are reduced, the Library may take measures such as temporary closure.
When the change has occurred, we will inform you.

Alumnus and Former-staff

You can enter the library only if you have a library card for Visiters.
If you do not have a Library user card, you will not be allowed to enter the library. Please be sure to bring it with you.

●For users whose library card expires on or after March 5, 2020.
 As a special exception, the expiration date has been extended for two years.

If your library card expired on or before March 4, 2020, or if you do not have a library card.
 Please apply for a new user card or renewal from the following link.

  → Alumnus
  → Former-staff

※If you forget to bring your user card, you will not be allowed to enter the library.

■Other Visitors

The resumption of normal use will be determined according to the infection situation.We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.

Please contact us in advance if you need to use specific materials that are difficult to browse at another libraries and difficult to use through the library's interlibrary loan and photocopy ordering services.

●If you belong to a university or other institution
  → Please inquire through the library of your institution.

●People other than the above
→ Please fill in the following information and submit the form.

  • Name, telephone number, e-mail address, address (please write in the comment box)
  • Date and time you wish to visit (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays within two weeks of the date of inquiry)
  • Materials you wish to browse (please list all the materials you wish to use on that day)
  • For books: book title, editor's name, publisher, year of publication, library call number, library material ID
  • For journals: journal title, volume number, year of publication, (our call number)

【Request to all】

  • Please take your temperature and record your physical condition every day for two weeks prior to your scheduled visit, and make sure that you do not have any physical condition that could be suspected of being infected.
  • Please wear a mask in the library.
  • Wash your hands with soap or disinfect your hands before entering and after leaving the library.
  • We may check your body temperature before entering the library. (You will not be admitted if you are feeling unwell, or if your temperature is above 37.5°C.)
  • If you feel unwell after entering the library, please inform the staff and leave the library immediately.

【In case of refusal to enter】

Entry will be denied in the following cases.

  • If you have a fever or other health problems on the day of your visit.
  • When the PCR test or other tests are positive and you are diagnosed as being infected with the new coronavirus.
  • If you do not cooperate with our measures against new coronavirus infection, such as not wearing a mask.

In addition, please refrain from visiting the library if you have had any health problems or if you suspect that you have had contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus as described below within two weeks prior to your visit.

  • If you have had a fever or other health problems between two weeks prior to your scheduled visit and the day of your visit (excludes cases where PCR testing is deemed unnecessary after consulting with your primary care doctor or public health center).
  • If contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus is known (excluding cases where by the public health center determines that PCR testing is unnecessary or where more than two weeks have passed since the day after the last contact).
  • If your housemate will take a PCR test (exclude if your housemate's PCR result was negative).
  • If you are identified as a close contact and within two weeks of the day after the last contact with the infected person.

(For reference)

The University of Tsukuba is responding to infectious diseases according to the "Summary of Responses to Novel Coronavirus Infections" ( We ask for your cooperation in this effort.

【What to do after use】

・If, during the first two weeks of your visit to our library, you feel ill, suspecting that you have been infected with the new coronavirus, or if you are found to have an infectious disease, please follow the policies of the national or local government and contact the counter of the library you visited as soon as possible.

・Please note that in the event that you contact us as described above, or in the event that there is an outbreak of new coronavirus infection at the university, we may provide with the public health center the personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) and the date and time of use (including the time of entry and exit) that you provided. Even in such cases, the personal information provided will not be used for any purpose other than the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus.