Suspension of some services involved in the renewal to the library system(2/14-2/27)

The University of Tsukuba Library is set to implement renewal procedure on the library system in February. By this operation, some services will be unavailable temporally.

Services temporally unavailable on February 27

Library web pages

Facility Reservation

Services temporally unavailable from February 14, 5 p.m. to February 27

Book reservation and Book delivery services

You cannot reserve any books or use the book delivery service, either.
However, the case, where you've got an e-mail noticing your availability by February 15, is exceptional. In that case, you are expected to come to the Main Counter within a retention period.
Books which have been returned after 5 p.m. on February 15 can be available upon completion of the procedure on the new system.

Services temporally unavailable from February 15 to 27

The following services will be suspended temporally from February 15 (Fri) to 27 (Wed).
Renewing books and Using Self-checkout machine are available on February 16(Sat), 17(Sun).

Renewal of loan period

You cannot renew any books.
We offer the long term loan in order for your due date not to be set in this period, so please renew your materials after renewal of the system.
You cannot also confirm any information on reservation. If your renewed books have been already reserved by anyone, you may need to return them after the system renewal.
We offer the long term loan in order for your due date not to be set in this period.

Loan date Due date
1/25 - 2/11 3/4

Self-Checkout Machine

Unavailable. The loan service is available at the Main Counter.
We cannot also confirm any information on loan, you may need to return them in the future.

Application for Photocopy and Book Loan Service through the web

If you apply for these services from February, the copies and books may be delayed. Also, loan period may become shorter.
Application through the web will not be available during a period from February 15 (Fri) to 28 (Thu), at 9 a.m.
However, you can apply to do so at the Reference Desk in the Central Library and at the counters in the other libraries by filling out an application form.


You cannot use e-DDS during a period from February 15 (Fri) to 28 (Thu) at 9 a.m. You need to come to the library and copy materials you need by yourselves.
Any materials delivered by February 14 will need you to confirm and copy as soon as possible.
And any materials can not be available during e-DDS suspension.

My Library

Due to the suspension of" My Library" on the web page, the following facilities will not be available.
Facility Reservation page is available via special link.

  • E-mail notice for individual users
  • Information on new arrivals
  • Materials under request (Book reservation and delivery service)
  • Materials on loan (Renewal of loan period)
  • Book Purchase Request for students
  • Book Purchase Request on syllabus

As for "Book reservation and delivery service" and "Renewal of loan period", please refer to the paragraphs each noted earlier.

Purchase request for teaching staff through the web

Password changing of the budget registration codes

Replacement of users' PCs and printers

All the users' PCs in each library will be replaced during a period from February 18 (Mon) to 21 (Thu).
While removing and equipping PCs, you cannot use any PCs and printers.

2/18(Mon) Central Library
2/19(Tue) Art and Physical Education Library, Library on Library and Information Science
2/20(Wed) Medical Library
2/21(Thu) Otsuka Library

  • During the replacement period, printers might be unavailable.
  • Around the replacement period, some e-journals and databases might be unavailable at the library users' PCs.