Results of Library Questionnaire

Results of University of Tsukuba Library Questionnaire

We, University of Tsukuba Library, have provided a survey to identify the various needs of user spaces. Now, we are ready for reporting our survey results. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Purpose:
    The survey aims to identify the needs of users. We intend to use the outcome as reference for consideration on improvement of the libraries in order to accomplish one of the University of Tsukuba Third Mid-term Plans, “development of next-generation learning spaces to accommodate new learning styles of students.”
  2. Survey period: June 4th (Mon) - June 22nd (Fri), 2018
  3. Participant: Members of the University of Tsukuba
  4. Answer style:
    • By the Web form
    • By the questionnaire sheet
      ※A clear file folder was given to each respondent.
  5. Collection state:
    Number of respondents: 797(Answer style rate: Web 91.5%,Sheet 8.5%)
    (Breakdown) By the Web form:             729(Japanese 708, English 21)
                   By the questionnaire sheet: 68(Japanese 68, English 0)
  6. Results of the questionnaire:
    The responses are summarized. Please refer to the following link.
     →Results of University of Tsukuba Library Questionnaire (the English version PDF/151KB)
  7. Utilizing the results of the questionnaire:
    Based upon the purpose of the survey, we will analyze the results to clarify the points for improvement, and utilize them as important references for making and implementing the development plan of the next-generation learning spaces.