To All Faculty and Graduate Students (Doctral Program) at the University: Request for your participation in "2014 Survey on the Use of Academic Information"

We thank you very much for your continuous support for our University Library activities.  The Standing Committee for Research on Academic Libraries (SCREAL) and Japanese Coordinating Committee for University Libraries request your contribution to this survey they are conducting.

The survey will help us understand how extensively e-journals and other electronic resources are currently being used by researchers and graduate students for their work, and we urge everyone to complete this brief questionnaire.  

Electronic resources have become an immensely important research infrastructure of the university—an infrastructure that has become virtually indispensible for accessing and making full use of academic resources.  The survey is done online on a dedicated survey server.  Access is easy.  Just follow the instructions provided on the survey website whose URL is provided below.

Knowing that everyone is exceedingly busy this season, we thank you for understanding the importance of the survey and taking the time to participate in the survey within the period specified below.


Go here for instructions on how to participate in the survey:

The survey period:  From Mon, Nov 10, 2014 to Sat, Dec 20, 2014.

Please see Exhibit (Request for the participation in “Survey on Use of Academic Information, 2014") for more informaiton.