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CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service of the America Chemical Society) is a Web-browser compatible database that provides easy access to scientific information, mainly focusing on chemistry.

【Sources】 Patents and articles published such as in journals from around the world, conference proceedings, technical reports, books, etc.

【Available databases】

  • Chemistry article information (CAPlus files):From 1808 ~
  • Chemical substance information (REGISTRY files):Substance information appearing in materials published in and after 1907
  • Organic chemical reaction information (CASREACT files):Reaction information appearing in materials published in and after 1840
  • Commercial chemical product catalog information (CHEMCATS files)
  • Information on regulated chemicals (CHEMLIST files)
  • Medical article information (MEDLINE files):From 1949 ~

【Service down time】 Sundays for 3 hours, from 11 AM to 2 PM (DST period) or 0 PM to 3 PM. However, mostly on the first Sunday of each month, the down time will be for 8 hours, from 6 AM to 2 PM (DST period) or 7 AM to 3 PM.
For details, refer to "SciFinder Availability"

※For additional information about SciFinder, please refer to the JAICI page.

Access Registeration

You must obtain a username and password before using this service.
Access registration page (in Japanese) (Access is possible only from PCs on the University of Tsukuba Campus)

※You can check and change registration information from myCAS

Use Method/ Manual


Recommending system environment (in Japanese)

※Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed in order to perform the search using the chemical structure drawing tool. If the drawing screen is not displayed, you can download the files here.

[Important notes about the use agreement]
The maximum number of records that can be downloaded at 1 time is 100.
According to the contract, a total of 5,000 records can be downloaded. (When the 5,000 record limit is exceeded, it will not be possible to perform any more downloads.) (Ref: CAS Information Use Policies)

This database can only be used for the purposes of “study and research at University of Tsukuba.” It is not available for use for research by other agencies, or for profit-making purposes.