How to view the database list

Material Type

This is the main material type that can be searched in the database.

Available on

Free It is free. You can use it everywhere.
Campus It is available on campus only.
Each Campus It is available on each campus (Tsukuba/Tokyo) only.
Each Area It is available on each area (Central/Art & Physical Education/Medical/Kasuga) only.
Library It is available in the library only.
Specific PC It is available on the specific PC only in each library.


This is the main language of materials that can be searched in the database.

Full Text

Available You can access the full text of all the paper in the database. As for newspaper databases, dictionaries, and data collections, you can access articles and data itself. However, some content may not be available as an option.
Partially You can access the full text of the titles that we subscribe to. Whether or not the database is a source provider, if there is a link to the text such as Tulips - Linker, it is indicated as "Partially".
Unavailable You can not access the full text. It is the database only with bibliographic information / holding information.

Number of Access

This is the number of users who can access the database simultaneously.
If you can not access the database, please try it after a while.


With the icon, you can check a detailed explanation about the database.
Please read it first when you use it.

Remote Access

Databases with the icons can be remotely accessed outside the campus.
For more information on remote access service, please see Electronic Journal/Database remote access service.