Kikuzo II Visual

- Service for University of Tsukuba members only.
- Maximum number of users at one time: 3

Can be accessed from off-campus connection (remote access).


Kikuzo II Visual is a high-speed article search service provided by Asahi Shimbun Company.
It is possible to search and view data  from January 1879 to the present.
There is also a ”Chiezo(Knowledge Warehouse) Search” function available.

Notes about Use

Downloading of article data, whether manual or systematic, is strictly prohibited.
Electronic storage or transmission by e-mail is also prohibited.
The service may not be used for Japanese language analysis, nor may it be used for automatic search by programs.

If any of the "Prohibited Activities" are discovered, the entire university may be blocked from accessing the site.
If access is blocked, it may cause a great deal of trouble for all users on campus. Please keep the above in mind when using the database.

Terms of Use

●In addition to searching and viewing the contents on the service screen, users may print out the contents displayed as search results only to the extent necessary for their own viewing. However, all or part of the Content may not be used in the following ways:

  1. Distribution of reproductions beyond the scope permitted by Article 35 of the Copyright Act, such as for educational purposes.
  2. Reproduction in printed matter, publications, etc.
  3. Electronic reproduction and public transmission (including reproduction on various recording media, posting on Internet home pages, intranets, etc., and broadcasting). (However, this excludes electronic storage that occurs temporarily on a terminal during browsing.
  4. Sending e-mail (including cases where the user himself/herself is the addressee)
  5. Provision to third parties and licensing of use
  6. Use as an address for distributing advertising materials such as direct mail.

*Details of Terms of Use(Japanese)



* When you click “login to Kikuzo II Visual” button, the Kikuzo II Visual search window will appear.

Connecting from on-campus

Connecting to Kikuzo II Visual from on-campus

Connecting from off-campus (Remote access)

Connecting to Kikuzo II Visual from 0ff-campus via remote access
If you are on-campus, this link dose not work.

Request for cooperation
Kikuzo II Visual can only be accessed by 5 people at the same time.
After you complete your search, be sure click the “ログアウト” (Logout) button so that other users may access the service.
Automatic termination
The session will be terminated automatically if there is no activity for 10 minutes or more. In such a case, start again from this screen.
*The session will continue while you repeat searching and displaying the article text from the list of titles. If you do not perform any actions from a window, or jump to a completely different web site, the session will be terminated automatically after a certain amount of time passes. Log in again to continue.
If the PC freezes
If the browser or PC freezes and there is a forced termination, it will not be possible to re-enter the service until the specified period of time passes (about 10 minutes), and the session is terminated automatically. In the case of an agreement that permits multiple access from the same ID, it will be possible to immediately enter the service, but it will mean that you have two simultaneous sessions on a single PC.
☆Adobe ® Reader ® is required in order to view images of the printed newspapers from 1945 ~ 1984 (post-war issues), and images extracted in and after November 2005.

CD-ROM Version

There is a CD-ROM version of the Asahi Shimbun article search database “CD-HIASK,” Library on Library and Information Science, 1993 through 2001.
You have to replace the CD-ROM and perform the search separately for each year.
Only articles from the national edition of the newspaper are included. In the same way as for the Kikuzo service, there are some articles written by outside authors for which the text cannot be displayed due to copyright restrictions, etc.
It is possible to download to a USB memory, but due to copyright restrictions, there is a limit on the number of items that can be downloaded at one time.