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Revisiting Colonial and Postcolonial : Anthropological Studies of the Cultural Interface edited by Heung Wah Wong and Keiji Maegawa. Bridge21 Publications/Transaction, Los Angeles. [distributor], c2014【分類361.5-O11】



”This collection of essays finely provides us with a theoretical perspective on “not-well-discussed” side of the important anthropological topic of exchange, as well as various refined ethnographic approaches to the issue, paying attention to the mediating agencies working in nested multi-layerdness of the border between cultures.”
by Tamotsu Aoki, Director General of The National Art Center, Tokyo
 a former Commissioner of Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs

”Through its methodological innovation of insisting that dynamic cultural interface should be regarded as the unit of analysis, the book successfully demonstrates the complexity of lived and living culture which has been ceaselessly created by the local people surviving in the contemporary world.”
by Yasumasa Sekine, President of Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology