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教員著作紹介コメント(赤阪 健先生)

赤阪 健先生(数理物質科学研究科/TARAセンター)よりご著書の紹介コメントをいただきました。(2010/08/30)

『Chemistry of Nanocarbons』  edited by Takeshi Akasaka, Fred Wudl, Shigeru Nagase. Wiley, 2010【分類 501.48-A32】

Chemistry of Nanocarbons presents the most up-to-date research on chemical aspects of nanometer-sized forms of carbon, with emphasis on fullerenes, nanotubes and nanohorns.

All modern chemical aspects are mentioned, including noncovalent interactions, supramolecular assembly, dendrimers, nanocomposites, chirality, nanodevices, host-guest interactions, endohedral fullerenes, magnetic resonance imaging, nanodiamond particles and graphene.

The book covers experimental and theoretical aspects of nanocarbons, as well as their uses and potential applications, ranging from molecular electronics to biology and medicine.