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Notes about Use

●Content use beyond the scope of "private use" or "citation" under the Copyright Law is prohibited.
Copyright Policy (in Japanese)
●Nikkei Telecom can only be accessed by 5 people at the same time.
Be sure to log out when you are finished.
JavaScript must be enabled when you use this system. (Log in will not be possible if JavaScript is not enabled.)
Systematic Downloading of Electronic Resources are strictly prohibited.
For example you must not:
  • Downloading with programs: "crawlers", "robots", "spiders" etc...
  • Downloading with download support softwares
  • Downloading all volumes or all articles of an specific journal

When a lot of download requests are send from one specific computer within a given period , it may be regarded as "Systematic Download" even if it is manually done.

Please be aware that systematic downloading will cause the publisher to block entire community of users of University of Tsukuba from accessing our subscribed resources.

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