Using External Libraries

Visiting Libraries/Research Institutions within Tsukuba City

Libraries with Instant Access

  • Tsukuba Public Library
    • Holds general books such as novels and journals not much held by the University of Tsukuba Library.
    • Tsukuba City residents and people who work or study in the City are eligible for book loans.
    • Books held by public libraries within Ibaraki Prefecture can be delivered free of charge.
      (Ibaraki Prefecture Library Information Network)
  • Tsukuba University of Technology Library
    • The library is separated into a Hearing Impaired Section (Amakubo Campus) and Visually Impaired Section (Kasuga Campus). Show your ID at the entrance, and follow the staff’s instructions.
    • The library holds many Braille books in the Visually Impaired Section.
  • Tsukuba Gakuin University Library
    • Fill in the visitor slip at the counter when you enter.
    • You can borrow books from the library. Show your ID and your driver’s license etc. for address verification to apply.

Libraries You Can Use with the Common Pass

You can use the libraries of research institutions that are members of the Tsukuba Science City Network.

  •  Eligible users: University of Tsukuba graduate students and faculty members
  •  Loan period: 4 days including the check-out date (excluding Sat. Sun. and holidays).
  1. Check the usage conditions and opening hours of the library you plan to visit. →Tsukuba Library Guide [Tsukuba Science City Network]
    If the library requires a common pass → Consult the reference desk
    ★Bring your ID even if you do not need a common pass.
  2. Go to each library’s reference desk (in Tsukuba Campus), and borrow the common pass.
  3. Visit the library
  4. Return the common pass to the reference desk (on the Tsukuba Campus).