Library specific services

Delivery Locker for Article Copies (Otsuka)

After 2020/4/4, the Extended-hours utilization service will be suspended for the time being. This service is not available.

This page explains the procedure for receiving requested copies during after-hours.

When the copy is ready, a notification will be sent to your registered e-mail address. If you can use the Extended-hours utilization service, you can pick up your copies after-hours by following the procedure below.

  1. If you cannot come to the library during opening hours, you can pick up copies after-hours by completing a simple procedure on the Request Page.
    • (If you haven't logged in to the library yet, please do so.)
    • Please read the instructions and check the box if you confirm.
    • Click on the "Locker Delivery Application" button.

  2. Please wait until you receive an e-mail from the library. The email will be sent after the staff confirms your copy fee and puts the copy in the locker. (So if you apply late at night or on Sunday, you will not receive an e-mail until the next opening day.)

  3. For example, the text of the e-mail you receive from the library looks like this Link. The fee will be charged in multiples of 100, rounded up to the nearest whole number (the difference between the actual fee and the charge will be refunded with the copy).

  4. Please prepare the exact amount of the fee written in the e-mail, using only a combination of 100 yen coins and 1000 yen bills. A simple vending machine (called a "convenience store box") has very strict restrictions below.
    • Only 100 yen coins and 1,000 yen bills are accepted.
    • No function to make change.
    • Once you start putting money in, you can't cancel or refund in the middle of the process.

  5. The small lockers are located near the exit gate. This is the "Convenience store box" for fee payment.

  6. In the email we sent you, you will find one of the convenience store box numbers "A" to "J".
    (1) ... 『コンビニボックス』の、ボックス番号
                   『 (←box number) 
  7. The convenience store box has three rows by three columns, for a total of nine buttons.

    Press the button of the convenience store box number written in the e-mail (the lamp of the button is off). The button you pressed will start blinking.

    If you have pressed the wrong button, wait one minute without doing anything. The button will stop flashing and you will be able to press the button again.

  8. When you press the button, a number with a minus sign will be displayed in the "商品金額/残高" field above the buttons.

    Please make sure that you have the amount of money displayed here, using only 100 yen coins and 1000 yen bills.

    This convenience store box does not allow you to cancel (refund) an operation once you have inserted money. It also does not have a change function.

  9. Put money into the convenience store box. Each time you put money in, the amount of money will be deducted from the "商品金額/残高".

  10. As soon as "商品金額/残高" reaches zero, the door of the box will open automatically. Inside this box, there is a piece of paper, which you can take out.

  11. The following is written on the paper.
    • The locker number where the copy is kept ("1" to "24")
    • Four-digit PIN to open the locker.

  12. Copies are stored in a locker called "Delivery Locker", which is located right next to the convenience store box.

    Please set the PIN of the locker number written on the paper, open the door and take out the copy.
    If the copying fee is not a multiple of 100 yen, the difference in cash is included with the copy. Please make sure to check it on the spot.

Notes about Use

  • You need to apply for this service each time (it's not a default pickup location).
  • There are only 9 convenience store boxes available. If there is a concentration of applications, we may ask you to adjust the pick-up date by e-mail.
  • It will take some time after your application. Please note that if you apply after the evening, we may not be able to deliver the copy to the locker that evening.