Now you can use National Diet Library Digital Collections in the Medical Library.

【About NDL Digital Collections】
The NDL (National Diet Library) Digital Collections enables a user to search and view a variety of resources, collected and stored by the National Diet Library of Japan. Analog materials digitized by the NDL or its partner institutions are available with.
NDL confine our use to only the terminal near the Reference Desk in Central library and near the Counter in Medical library that have been appointed, therefore it is not able to browse NDL Digital Collections by another terminal.

Students, Professors (include part-time teachers, emeritus professors), Staffs (include part-timers) and other people in the university.

The terminal near the Reference Desk in Central library.
The terminal near the Counter in Medical library.

You can check the list of available materials.
You can search at the website of National Diet Library Digital Collections.
※Only the materials with an icon of「Available only at the NDL and partner libraries」

【Office hours】
Available weekdays 9:00-17:00.
An hour at once.
You can continue browsing if nobody is waiting.