Restart the use of Rounges and Refresh zone on the Central Library.(10/3~)

From October 3 (Mon.), 2022, we will restart the use of Rounges and Refresh zoon on the Centarl Library;after taking sufficient measures against the new coronavirus infection.

In addition, regarding the trial of expanding the eating and drinking space that has been implemented since February 3, 2020 (Monday), light meals will continue to be prohibited, and only drinks in airtight containers such as plastic bottles and water bottles will be permitted.

<Precautions for use>
1. Please keep the door open.
2. Do not move desks and chairs from their original positions.
3. Please wear a mask when you have a talk indoors.
4. Please open the window appropriately and use it while ventilating. (be careful not to exceed 1000ppm for the CO2 concentration measuring instrument).
5. Take sufficient infection control measures such as using acrylic partitions and keeping a physical distance.
6. Please refrain from using when you are not feeling well.