Started cooperation with Tsukuba Public Library

Cooperation with the Tsukuba Public Library started in June 2021, and books from there can now be ordered from libraries in the Tsukuba campus.
The application method is the same as for the interlibrary loan requests, and we accept on the Web and at each library reference desk (excluding the Otsuka Library).

  • Cost : Free of charge
  • Arrival : 2 days to 2 weeks after application (the transport date is fixed, so it depends on the timing of application)
  • Lending period : Approximately one month

Please refer the information page below for details.
Services (Library Guide) > Requesting Books and Articles > Borrow books from public libraries in Ibaraki Prefecture

The Tsukuba Public Library has a large selection of novels, children's books, and practical books.Please use all means.
In addition, please return books by yourself that you have borrowed at the public library directly. We will not return them on your behalf.