(-6/17)Mailing service of books and copying documents for students writing thesis and dissertations

The application was closed at 5pm on June 17 (Wed.).

During closure, University of Tsukuba Library accepts requests from students for books and copying documents needed to write thesis and dissertations (graduation thesis, master's thesis and doctoral dissertation) at University of Tsukuba.

Period: May 28, 2020 to the Library opens(planned)
* If there are too many applications, accepting applications may be stopped temporarily.


Target users: Undergraduate and graduate students writing graduation thesis, master's thesis or doctoral dissertation at University of Tsukuba
Target: books for normal loan (unavailable: books ON loan, reference books and audio visual materials etc.)
Number: up to 3 books per day (You can borrow up to your maximum.)
Apply and receive: Apply from the web form, mailing to the address entered
Shipping costs: Paid by the university for the time being
Apply Form

Copying documents

Photocopies will be sent by mail.
Please see Information page

  • It will take some time to ready because the majority of staff are working remotely.
  • We will notify policy for reopening as soon as it is decided.