(-6/17)【For Faculty】loan and copy services for online classes

The application was closed at 5pm on June 17 (Wed.).

During closure, University of Tsukuba Library accepts requests for using materials needed for online classes at University of Tsukuba.

Target: Faculty members(materials needed for online classes at University of Tsukuba)
Accept: from May 8 to June 17

Book loan

Target: Only library materials for loan (You can not request for materials on loan.)
Number: up to 5 books per day (You can borrow up to your maximum.)
Apply and receive: Apply from the web form, receive at the library
Apply Form

Article copy

Target: Journal articles (within copyright law)
Number: up to 3 items per day (The maximum number of cases have changed with the start of the mailing service on May 28.)
Apply and receive: e-DDS(University Expense)
How to use e-DDS(University Expense)

  • It will take some time to ready because the majority of staff are working remotely.
  • We will notify policy for reopening as soon as it is decided.
  • If there are urgent medical needs, you can contact us.