[Central] Trial to revise the Food & Drink Policy

The trial is conducted as below in the Central Library so that long-stay users may spend comfortably.

Trial period : February 3rd (Mon.), 2020
Newly expanded Drink Area : Reading desks (except Machinery areas), Study cubicles, Conference room
Newly expanded Food & Drink Area:Lounges

  • Please make sure not to stain library materials.
  • Please be aware of food debris and spill to preserve the library materials and furnishings from bugs and mice.
  • Cleaning tools are set in Food & Drink Area. Please use them to maintain the clean environment.

Your help in maintaining a comfortable studying environment is greatly appreciated.

For more information, see the following link : Library Manners

※ Trial may be discontinued depending on your act when consuming food and drink in the library.


About the trial of Expansion of Food & Drink Erea