About the provision of data for visually impaired people, etc. to National Diet Library

On September 17th (Tue), University of Tsukuba Library exchanged a memorandum with the National Diet Library regarding the provision of “data and meta-data for the visually impaired people, etc.”. Diversity Support Section, Academic Support Division, University of Tsukuba Library and the Diversity Accessibility Career Center have started providing text data such as textbooks produced in collaboration.

The above data is now available on the “Materials search for persons with disabilities”, in “National Diet Library Search” provided by the National Diet Library.

As a result, outside academia people who have difficulty with reading ordinary printed materials (print disabilities) can use the text data created by our library through the “data transmission service for visually impaired people”.

The details are described below.

<For Students, Staff and Faculty>
*Obtaining Data / Library Materials for the Visually-impaired (University of Tsukuba Library’s webpage)

<For Alumni & Visitors>
* Data transmission service for Persons with Print Disabilities, the National Diet Library (Guidance for personal one such as the visually impaired people)

* National Diet Library search