About the switching of copying cards for university expenses photocopy machines in the libraries

                                                                                                  March 18, 2019
 To all faculty members
                                                                                 University of Tsukuba Library

           About the switching of copying cards for university expenses photocopy machines in the libraries

As the repair parts supply for the magnetic copy card reader currently used in the university library expense copy machine will end on March 31, 2019, the magnetic copy card will be switched to the IC copy card. If you would like to continue to use the university expenses photocopy machines at the university library, please cooperate with the following procedure. The IC copy card is available from August 2019.

1. Switching procedure to IC copy card
1 Please fill in the library IC copy card application form and bring it to the Central Library Reference Desk (Interlibrary loan) or to each specialized library counter.
2 After confirming the above application form, the IC copy card will be issued on the spot. However, if there is an incomplete entry, you may be required to resubmit the application form.

2. Distribution unit of IC copy card
 Similar to the document copying fee, with the transition to the university common expenses, the IC copy card distribution unit will be handled as follows.

Type of budget registration code :  Number of IC copy cards issued
One teacher personal budget : 1
Group common budget : 1 per 1 teacher in the group
Grant-in-Aid for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research : 1 per 1 representative

3. When using IC copy card
 IC copy cards will be available from August 2019. The current magnetic copy card can be used until switching. The library will not collect magnetic copy cards that can not be used after switching, so please dispose of them yourself.

4. Schedule
March 19, 2019: IC copy card issuance start (Please keep it so as not to lose until August usage start)
August 2019: Use of IC copy card starts in each building sequentially

If you have any questions, please contact:

Interlibrary Loan Section
Division of Academic Support
Department of Academic Information
Mail: ill#@#tulips.tsukuba.ac.jp (replace "#@#" with "@")
Extension: 2373