We'll hold a seminar "How to disserminate your doctoral thesis on the Internet"

Date and time: (1) May 10, Thursday, 17:20-18:00
       (2) May 11, Friday, 15:20-16:00
* We will explain the same contents twice. Please select a convenient date and join us.
Place: Chat Frame C, Central Library Main Building 2F
Your doctoral theses in the University of Tsukuba will be registered in "the University of Tsukuba Repository (Tulips-R)" and published on the Internet.
It is great that people all over the world can read your research results, but don't you have any fear about copyright problem and operation for registration?
We, Tulips-R manager, will explain to graduate students, faculty and staffs.
* You can either enter or exit the place freely.
* We have no time to questions and answers. But we accept your questions in questionnaire distributed on the day and answer by e-mail later.
* We will explain in Japanese, but our handouts are written in both Japanese and English.
We are waiting for your participation!