To all faculty members Trial of the whole university common expenses of copying fee

In order to improve the work related to the usage fee of the document copying service etc., we decided to carry out the common expense improvement trial as follows. By this trial, the fee of the target service will be burdened by the whole university common expenses, not by individual research expenses.

  • Trial period: from Wednesday, November 1 2017 through Sunday, March 31 2019

  • Trial target service:
    • Fee of Copying and borrowing from outside the university by educational research expenses (including overseas requests)
    • Fee of Copying inside the university library by educational research expenses (copying in the library, copy card fee etc.), e-DDS

  • Trial target person: Teachers having budget registration code for education research expenses (including special researchers with external funds such as Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research)

* Educational research expenses are the budget related to education and research by Management Expenses Grants or external funds (including Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research) . They are managed by the university.

* We will transfer the budget from faculties etc. as usual for usage until October 2017. We will not make a budget transfer for usage after November 2017.

* There is no change in the service application method.

* We will judge whether this implementation is possible or not by looking at the trial results. We ask the trail target person to make appropriate judgment and cooperation so that more people can use it.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Interlibrary Loan Section
Division of Academic Support
Department of Academic Information
Mail: (replace "#@#" with "@")
Extension: 2373