[Trial]Book Delivery Service within Tsukuba Campus (2016/2/18-2017/3/24)

Trial Term :2016/2/18(Thu.)-2016/03/25(Fri.) → extended until 2017/03/24

We will extend Book Delivery Service within Univ. of Tsukuba.
You can usually use Book Delivery Service between Tsukuba Campus and Tokyo Campus. In addition, you can request to have the books delivered between libraries within Tsukuba Campus during the trial term.

Eligible Users

Anyone affiliated with University of Tsukuba

How to Apply

  1. Search a book on Tulips Search (OPAC Search).
  2. Click “Reserve”.
  3. Notice will be sent to your registered e-mail address when the book is available.
    (To cancel, go to “My Library”)
  4. Receive the book at the main counter of the library you selected.

Available Books

Only general books.
Basic Medical Books, reference books, large-sized books and in-library use only books are not available. (Due to system specifications, unavailable reference books will be displayed with the “Reserve” button.)

Limit of Application (Total including all libraries)

You can request up to 5 books, including your reservations for books on loan. During the penalty period, the application and borrowing are suspended.

Time for Delivery

About 3-5 days.
The arrival might be delayed due to some reasons. If you are in a hurry, please visit the library that holds the books you need and borrow them directly.
(Between Tsukuba Campus and Tokyo Campus: About 5-7days)

Notice of Arrival

Notice will be sent to your registered e-mail address when the book is available.
You can check your request status on “My Library”.
[For Gmail Users]: Recently, e-mails from the library are categorized as spam so often. If you register your Gmail address on “E-mail service” of the library, please check your received e-mails carefully.

Holding Period

Delivered books will be kept for 10 days from the arrival.


Visiting users have a priority over your request for loan. If somebody has already borrowed the book you requested before we hold it, your request will be changed automatically to the reservation for books on loan. Notice will be sent to your registered e-mail address after the book is returned.
After March 24th, 2017, this service will be examined again depend on a condition of the trial.