The information about the attempt to extend the Medical Library Opening hours.

We will attempt to extend opening hours of Medical Library.  Please check the “Library Calendar” on the library website for more information.    ※ Medical Library only.

1 Extended Terms: 18 Feb 2016(Thu)-29 Feb 2016(Mon)

2 Opening Hours of Medical Library

  Weekday: AM8:30 – PM10:00 (Loan hours end: PM9:30)

      Saturday, Sunday and Holiday: AM9:00 – PM10:00 (Loan hours end: PM9:30)

  The following services at the Medical Library are not available during 8:30-9:00.

           ・Enter the Library of Visitors.

           ・Borrowing ・Returning

           ・Reserve of Seminar rooms & Study cubicles

           ・Reference Services