Opening Hour Change in Special Libraries in Tsukuba Area (Trial)

The present opening hour at the Central Library is 8:30am (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and vacation periods). In addition to that, the Art and Physical Education Library, the Medical Library, and the Library on Library and Information Science will be opened at 8:30am as described below for the benefits of the users. Members of University of Tsukuba will be able to use libraries before 1st period due to this opening hour change.
Libraries will be opened at 9am during vacation periods. Please see Library Calendar for more details.

  1. Extended Terms・Opening Hour・Loan Service Hour

Library Extended Terms Opening Hour
(Loan Service Hour)


2015/7/1 – 2016/2/17
(excluding Saturdays, Sundays,
national holidays and vacation periods)

8:30-22:00 (9:00-21:30)

  1. Library services

Some library services are not available during 8:30am-9am on weekdays as described below.



available NOT available
  • Enter the library with ID card
  • Reading & photocopy in the library
  • Borrowing with automatic check-out machines
  • Zengaku computer system & Lib-PC
  • Enter the library of visitors
  • Borrowing & returning by staffs
  • Using Seminar rooms & Study cubicles
  • Reference Services
  • Inter-Library Loan Services
  • Applying or receiving for a Library Card for Alumni & Visitors