Now you can use National Diet Library Historical Recordings Collection.

【About Historical Recordings Collection】

To prevent loss of the sound recordings due to scatter and deterioration of 78 rpm records which are historical and cultural resources as recordings made in the early years, the Historical Records Archive Promotion Conference (HiRAC) was established in 2007. HiRAC had digitized approximately 50,000 recordings of music and speeches etc. from 78 rpms and metal discs produced from around 1900 to 1950 in Japan.

In May 2011, National Diet Library launched the release of the Historical Recordings Collection to make these valuable recordings available to the public. Approximately 50,000 recordings had been released up to September 2013.



Students, faculties (include part-time teachers, emeritus professors, part-timers), and other people in the university.



The terminal near the Reference Desk in Central library.



You can check the list of available materials.

You can search at the website of Historical Recordings Collection.


【Opening hours】

Available weekdays 9:00-17:00.

An hour at once.

You can continue listening if nobody is waiting.