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  • Material type: Laws, Court Decisions
  • Available on: Campus
  • Language: Japanese
  • Full text: Partially available
  • Number of concurrent accesses: Unlimited
  • A comprehensive online service on Japanese law enabling comprehensive search of law information, post-war legal case information, books, and magazine information.
    Details about registered contents (in Japanese)
  • Optional content (contracted with the budget of corporate law studies)
    The following contents are available.
    [Number of concurrent accesses: Unlimited] 旬刊商事法務、NBL
    [Number of concurrent accesses: 1] ジュリスト+論究ジュリスト、判例百選+判例百選アーカイブ、法学教室+法学教室アーカイブ、法律用語辞典

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