Taylor & Francis eBooks


"Taylor & Francis eBooks" is a collection of e-books, focusing mainly on humanities and social sciences.
At University of Tsukuba about 500 volumes of sports-related e-books can be accessed.

Use Method

  • Connection:http://www.tandfebooks.com/
    • Enter the keywords and perform the search, or select a subject.
    • If you select the checkbox for “Full access content only” only the titles of works that can be accessed from University of Tsukuba will be searched.
    • Click either the title or the “Access book” icon to open the details screen.
    • Click either [View book online] or [Download book] to access the full text.
  • When the details of a title are displayed, the [DRM] icon indicates that the title is protected under DRM (Digital Rights Management).
    Each title can only be accessed by one user at a time. There are the following three access options:
    • View book online : The text can be read online. Print and Copy & Paste functions cannot be used.
    • Standard Access : A plug-in (※) must be installed. The text can be read online. Up to 30 pages can be printed, and up to 1000 words can be copied & pasted.
    • Download book : It is possible to save data to your personal PC or USB memory, but the file is only valid for 36 hours. During that time, the material cannot be used by another user. The plug-in (※) must be installed to use this function. Print and Copy & Paste functions cannot be used.

    To use "Standard Access" or "Download book" , the FileOpen plug-in must be installed.
        With the latest version of FileOpen, there have been cases of problems with opening files. For those using Windows, click here to perform the installation. For those using a different OS, perform the installation from the FileOpen website.

    Currently, “Standard Access” cannot be used from the search PCs in the library. Please use “Quick Access” to view the material, or use “Download a copy” to download the data to a USB memory. Alternatively, you can use your own PC.

  • For titles that do not have the [DRM] icon, the restrictions above do not apply. There are the following two access options.
    • View book online: Can be read online.
    • Download a :Can download and use a PDF.
  • Refer to the user manual t&f user guide.pdf (PDF:2.2M) for details on using this service.