Springer Nature eBooks

No limits on simultaneous access
Members of University of Tsukuba can use the Remote Access Service.


Enables access to about 20,000 e-books, mainly in STM (science, technology, medicine) field issued by Springer.
The digital versions of materials like the Lecture Notes in Computer Science can also be used.

The fields and dates of publication of the available materials are as follows:

  • Architecture and Design (2005-2009)
  • Behavioral Science (2005-2011)
  • Biomedical and Life Sciences (2005-2014, 2018)
  • Business and Economics (2005-2009)
  • Chemistry and Materials Science (2005)
  • Computer Science (2005-2021)
  • Earth and Environmental Science (2005)
  • Engineering (2005-2007)
  • Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (2005)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (2005)
  • Medicine (2005)
  • Physics and Astronomy (2005)
  • Professional and Applied Computing (2005)
  • SpringerLINK Lecture Notes in Computer Science (1973-2017) *1973 to 1996 can be used at NII-REO.

Use Method


Enter the keywords for the search, or select a field, etc. from the filters on the left side. Titles shown with a key icon are not available under the University of Tsukuba contract. If the checkbox for "Include Preview-Only content" is cleared, only the books that can be viewed at University of Tsukuba will be displayed.

Refer to the following for details on using this service.