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  • Material type: Newspaper articles
  • Available on: Campus
  • Language: Japanese
  • Full text: Available
  • Number of concurrent accesses: 1

MAISAKU is a database of articles from the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.
MAISAKU provides an article database that includes Mainichi Shimbun(since 1872).
You can also use Shukan Economist, a Japanese economic weekly magazine.

Usage Precausions/ Notices

If any of the "Prohibited Activities" are discovered, the entire university may be blocked from accessing the site.
If access is blocked, it may cause a great deal of trouble for all users on campus. Please keep the above in mind when using the database.

Scope of Printouts and Prohibitions

For use of the Service at a library, the use permitted to a User shall be stipulated as follows:

  1. A User may print out at a certified terminal at one time:
    (1)headline search results: up to 1,000; and
    (2)articles data: up to 50.
  2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a User may not print out more than one (1) copy of one piece of data or make a reproduction of data already printed out.
  3. A User may print out data provided through the Service no more than two (2) times per day.

(From MAISAKU Terms of Use)

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