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  • Material type: Encyclopedia, Dictionaries
  • Available on: Campus
  • Language: Japanese
  • Full text: Partially available
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A database offering combined searches of sources like encyclopedias, Japanese language dictionaries, history dictionaries, and other language dictionaries.
Not only the title is searchable, search is also possible on the full text.

Following contents are also available.

  • "群書類従(正・続・続々)" (Gunsho Ruiju series)
  • "文芸倶楽部 明治篇" (Bungei Kurabu; Meiji-hen)
  • "滝田樗陰旧蔵 近代作家原稿集" (Takita Choin kyuzo Kindai sakka genkoshu)
  • "第一高等学校 校友会雑誌" (Dai-ichi Koto Gakko Koyukai Zasshi)
  • "太陽" (Taiyo (The Sun))
  • "文藝春秋アーカイブズ" (第1期:大正12年~昭和25年、第2期:昭和26年~昭和50年)(Bungeishunju Archives)
  • "風俗画報" (Fuzoku Gaho)
  • "美術新報" (Bijutsu Shinpo)
  • "東洋経済新報/週刊東洋経済デジタルアーカイブズ" (Toyo Keizai Shimpo / Weekly Toyo Keizai Digital Archives)
  • "新訂増補 国史大系" (Shintei Zoho Kokushi Taikei)
  • "史料纂集(古記録編 第1期:平安・鎌倉・南北朝、第2期:室町・戦国)" (Shiryo Sanshu)

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