Britannica Online

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Britannica Online Japan

This is an integration of the “Britannica international encyclopaedia (macropedia, micropedia) (Japanese) “and the “Britannica International Yearbook (Japanese).” There are more than 150,000 records, and more than 10,000 photographs, maps, etc.
From each article, you can refer to related articles using hyperlinks, and there is also a function to connect to relevant sites.

Britanica Online Academic Edition(BOLAE)

Britannica Online is a web version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which is the most famous encyclopedias in the world, first published in 1768. It is possible to search and view on the web more than 215,000 items, more than 118,000 articles, and 14,000 photos and maps contained in the database.
In addition, there is a registry of more than 300,000 web sites that have been carefully selected by the editors, so this can also be used as an internet directory.


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