Asahi Shimbun (prewar period)

■ Access only from on-campus

Pre-war editions of the Asahi newspaper from December 1926 through December 1945 can be searched, displayed and printed.

Supports only 1 user at a time.
Since there can only be one user at a time, please refrain from using the system for extended periods of time. As soon as you have finished, please close the search program.

For details, refer to the attached pamphlet or "Using Asahi Shimbun (prewar period)."

■Designated PCs

  • Central Library 2F CD-ROM priority PC near the Seminar Room C
  • Art and Physical Education Library 2F Information search corner PCs (4 units on the counter side)
  • Medical library 1F Information search corner PC (1 unit on the reference desk side)
  • Library on Library and Information Science 1F Information search corner PC (1 unit on the right side next to printer outlet 12)
  • Otsuka Library Search corner PC

Use Method

From the start menu, select “朝日新聞” (Asahi Shimbun)  “朝日新聞戦前紙面データベース” (Asahi Shimbun (prewar period)).
Refer to the help function for specific details about using the database.

Important Use Notes

  • If there is another user, an error message may be displayed, and it may not be possible to complete the search. In such a case, please try the search again after waiting for a little while. Please do not occupy the system for long periods of time.
  • Printing is permitted from 1 issue by 1 person, up to for a maximum of 30 articles, for each session. Please do not make copies of the printed content.
  • Downloading to a USB memory is also possible.
  • The search history is not saved after the program is closed. (While the program is running, the search history will be retained.) Be sure to download or print a list of the required titles.

For additional information and notes about use, refer to the pamphlet attached to the PC or "Using Asahi Shimbun (prewar period)."