Library Card for Visitors

For Alumni

The university library issues library cards to graduates of the University of Tsukuba who wish to use the library.
To obtain a library card, users need to agree to follow the following library policies.
  1. Library materials will be used for research, surveys and educational purposes.
  2. Borrowed materials from the library will not be loaned to a third party.
  3. Borrowed materials will be carefully treated and the borrower will bear the responsibility when they are lost.
  4. Due date of the borrowed materials will be strictly followed. If the materials are overdue for more than one month, the university library will discontinue the loan service thereafter and won't issue a new library card.
  5. Teaching staff and students of the University of Tsukuba have priority for the use of the library. Upon necessity, the university library may request the return of loaned materials before the due date.

Available services

  • Browsing
  • Book loan
    • Number of books: up to 3 books
    • Loan period: 3 weeks
     * Renewal and reservation of the loan are not available.
     * Delivery service between Tsukuba campus and Tokyo campus is not available. Please come directly to the library that has your desired item.
  • Photocopying
     * Services of the book request and photocopying request from other universities are not available.

Issuance of library card

Required documents

  • Documents that prove you're a graduate of the University of Tsukuba
  • Personal ID (ID that lists your present address such as a driver's license)
  • Application for the library card (PDF) * Personal seal stamp or a signature is necessary for the application.

Locations and hours for application

  • Locations
    Main counters at the Central library, Art & Physical Education library, Medical library, Library on Library and Information Science and Otsuka library
  • Office hours
    Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00
    * Applications are not accepted during weekends and holidays.
    * Office hours for the Otsuka library are the library hours of the Otsuka library.
  • Those who are unable to come to the library during the office hours, please email or call to the library that you will be mainly using.
    • Email address:
    • Telephone numbers:
      • Central library 029-853-6055
      • Art & Physical Education library 029-853-2878
      • Medical library 029-853-3256
      • Library on Library and Information Science 029-859-1232
      • Otsuka library 03-3942-6818


  • The library card will be issued on the same day of application (only those accepted from 9:00 - 17:00 during weekdays)
  • The library card will be valid for a year from the application.
  • Personal information entered on the application form is used only for the purposes of the administrative works of the library necessary for browsing and loaning of library materials.
  • The university library will issue the library card to those who have been enrolled in our graduate school but didn't complete the program. In such cases, please submit the certificate of enrollment or credit achievement as a substitute for the graduate certificate.
  • The library card won't be issued to those who have library materials that are overdue (materials loaned during their enrollment).

Renewal of the library card

Please renew your library card if you plan to use the library in the following year or later. (the office hours are the same as the above listed).
  • Procedures for the renewal are the same as the application; however, submission of a graduation certificate is not needed.
  • Application for renewal is accepted from a month before your expiration date. A new library card will not be issued to those who have any outstanding borrowed library materials. At the time of renewal, please return all your borrowed materials to the library.
  • Please be reminded that the library card will not be issued if you have any overdue materials at the time of renewal.
  • A new library card will be issued in exchange for the previous card. If you do not have the previous card, follow the procedures for a new application.