Recommending Books

Faculty Recommendation of Books for Students

We will accept recommendations of books for students (including graduate students) that can contribute to their studies and broaden their education.
The books should be liberal arts related, and those highly technical ones for limited number of students are excluded.

On Applying

  • Only University of Tsukuba faculty members (including lecturers [non-full-time]) can make recommendations.
  • Recommendations should be made within the range of \50,000 or less per book, and \100,000 or less a month per person.
  • Depending on the budget situation, acceptance of applications may be stopped during the fiscal year.

Recommendations are accepted any time in the following format:

 Faculty Recommendation of Books for Students Application Form(in Japanese language) (EXCEL file | 30KB)

Attach the application form and send an e-mail to the Application/Inquiry Contact. You will be notified when the book has been purchased and placed in the library stack.

Application/Inquiry Contact

University of Tsukuba Library, Division of Information Processing and Management
(Collection Development Section)

Ext. 2346 / E-mail: (Replace “#@#” with “@”)