Requesting Books and Articles


Q & A

Q)Can I apply to the holdings in library materials rooms for major?
A)No, if the holdings are in library materials rooms for major, the "校費・科研費e-DDS" button would not displayed on the screen. (Please use library materials rooms for major personally)

Q)Can I apply from outside of the campus?
A)Yes, you can apply from everywhere, but you can access the file from a PC connected to the campus network.

Q)Can anyone in the university apply?
A)Eligible users are faculty members etc. who can make payments with research funds (university expense /grant in aid for scientific research)

Q)Can I get photocopy of full-colour?
A)Yes, e-DDS fee of black&white and full-colour are the same.

Q)I have a printer which print up to size A4. It doesn't match to scanned size. How to print it?
A)Use "divided print" or "reduced print".

Q)After I got the article through e-DDS, I realised that I can read it on the electronic journal. Can you refund it?
A)No, you cannot cancel after application.

Q)Can I apply for a book?
A)No, it's only for journals. Please come to the library and use the book.

Q)If University of Tsukuba Library doesn't have the journal, how can I get it? Should I reapply for “Article Copy Delivery from Other Libraries”?
A)We will send an email to you if we can't accommodate the request. You don't need to reapply. If other libraries hold the journal, you can have photocopies (on paper) delivered.

Q)Can I get PDF file from other libraries?
A)No. Because of copyright law in Japan, we cannot purvey any reproduction files from other libraries to users.