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(Translation of excerpts from the use guidance for the “Web OYA-bunko academic organization version”)
It is possible to search the 2.4 million entry magazine article index of the Oya Soichi Library, known as a library specializing in Japanese magazines. The collection is characterized by the focus on general-interest publications, such as weekly magazines, general topic magazines, fashion magazines and women’s magazines.


  • Number of articles
    The index of magazine articles published in and after 1988 contains about 2.4 million entries.
    This increases by about 15,000 entries each month.
  • Number of registered authors
    About 93,000. About 4,000 names are added each year.
  • Number of registered titles
    About 1,100 titles. There are about 400 main magazines that are currently in publication. Indexing is performed for about 120 magazines from genres including weekly magazines, general topic magazines, women’s magazines, and economic magazines. Only the main articles are indexed from 280 magazines, including publications on sports, performing arts, literature, publishing & book reviews, health, lifestyle information, and town information.
  • Data updated
    Once each month.

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  • [May, 2022] University of Tsukuba students who wish to use Oya Soichi Library are entitled to a discounted photocopying fee. Please bring your student ID card when you visit Oya Soichi Library. (Faculty and staff members are not eligible.)