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Service is only for University of Tsukuba members (enrolled students, full-time faculty and staff)
Application for use is required.

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Database Outline

Lexis Advance provides access to U.S. federal and state law sources as well as sources of international law and the laws of a growing number of other jurisdictions. Sources vary by jurisdiction, but may include constitutions, legislation, legislative history, statutory codes, regulations, regulatory materials, cases, case digests, citators, public records, law reviews, treatises, and general and legal news. →Outline of the database (in Japanese)

  • Major world newspaper, magazine articles
  • Overview and financial information on major world companies
  • Industry/ Market information
  • Information about people
  • Science / Technology
  • U.S. Public Records
  • U.S. Legal cases
  • U.S. Constitution / Statutes / Regulations
  • U.S. Congressional bills / Congress
  • U.S. government documents
  • Law information other than U.S
  • Law Review / Journal full-text articles
  • Law secondary material
  • Intellectual property rights


An ID and password must be obtained to use this service. Print out the application below, fill in the information and submit it to the reference desk at any library.
Only University of Tsukuba members (enrolled students, full-time faculty and staff) may apply.
※ Access is not available for emeritus professors, non-full-time lecturers, credited auditors and non-degree research students.

If you apply while enrolled as an undergraduate student, the ID and password will remain valid even after you advance to a graduate program, for example, as long as you are a university member (there is no need to reapply).

  • Database use application form :  Lexis Advance.pdf(PDF)
    • It takes about one or two weeks to issue the ID. Please allow for this when submitting an application.
    • When the ID is issued, Lexis Advance (LAWelcomeKit@lexisnexis.com) will send an email. Please add the email address to your safe sender list in your security software.
    • Please enter the user ID and email address clearly and legibly on the application. If the writing cannot be easily read, it may not be possible to process the application.

Notes about Use

  • An ID and password are required. For details, refer to the previous section “Application.”
  • After obtaining an ID and password, access from off-campus will be possible.
  • Cookies must be enabled in order to use this service. Be sure to turn “Cookies” ON
  • When you have completed your search, please click the “Sign Off“button.
  • There are no limits on the number of simultaneous users.
  • The university’s contract is for the Lexis Advance service. LexisNexis JP is a separate service, and is not available.
  • On the LexisNexis site, there is a Custom ID function that allows you to freely set your ID and password, but this Custom ID is not connected in any way to the library. (if you forget your Custom ID or password, there is nothing that the library can do to assist.)

Forgotten Password

If you forget a password that you have set yourself, click “Forgot your Password?” on the login screen at Lexis Advance, enter the answer to the security question that you set, and reset the password.

If you don’t know the answer to the security question, contact the reference desk. It will take about 1 week to reissue the password.

Documents / Manuals

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